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Roulette Game Rules

Roulette is a fairly simple game. You should be aware of the different types of bets you. If one has done his work and found the casino plus, then you can relax first of all.

Roulette consists of a game table on which to make his bets. In the field of play as the roulette wheel is in the wheel wells are 38. They have numbers, namely 1-36 and a 0, and usually a 00 (double zero). The numbers are few as even or odd. The wells are alternately red and black, the double zero is usually green. The best roulette apps are available here. Roulette apps for iPhones capure the essence of the game and with no deposit bonuses you can try the roulette games for free.

A dealer / croupier spins the wheel after setting the chips in one direction. He then throws a ball against the direction in the wheel when the wheel stops, the ball falls into one of the wells. The goal is to make a prediction, what number or color of this field is added.

The highlight of real roulette at Casino-on-Net at is the amazing two-day $ 17,500 Roulette Tournament! All you have to do it to play at the tournament days and bonus points to purchase. At the end of the day, the 50 highest ranked members are rewarded with cash prizes to the tune of thousands of dollars as a bonus.

In principle, this was it. Is it right in his prediction, you win. If not - does not win it.

Cast range game

The cast range player assumes that each dealer has his individual and uniform throwing technique, so that - depending on the rotation or roll direction - between the range of the ball relative to the hub and the compartment in which comes to rest the ball, always about the same number of fields content. The player is therefore after the throw the ball quickly to such a specific number and its neighbors.

In contrast to the mathematical systems can be natural for the physical systems do not provide proof of their incapacity, the value of these systems is overestimated to be generally more.